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The Number 1 Pest Control Company In Bedfordshire - We Specialise In Pest And Wasp Control, Wasp Removal And Wasp Nest Removal - Aktiv Pest Control Bedford

Welcome ToAktiv Pest Control

Founded in 2006, continually providing an excellent service in the Bedfordshire area to both Commercial and Residential Customers.

Aktiv Pest Control is a professional quality pest control service, situated in Bedford providing 24-hour service.

Here at Aktiv Pest Control, we pride ourselves in pest control services, not only resulting in a quality outcome pest control jobs but an outstanding customer service record that we maintain, offering:

  • Same day service with evenings & weekends at no extra cost
  • Discreet efficient operators
  • With male & female technicians available

We are proud to provide the best quality Pest Control Bedford services, guaranteeing your satisfaction for a job well done, each time & every time!

Our services include, but are not limited to: rodent/rat control, wasp nest removal, bed bugs, etc.

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Pest Control Services We Offer



Our treatment will remove all wasps from a nest permanently. Wasp Removal & Wasp Nest Removal!



We provide a thorough survey of the area and then decide on the relevant treatment.



We can treat the immediate ant infestation. Pharoah Ants – we will bait and poison.

Are you ready for Wasp Season?

Wasp season is around the corner and you will need to find specialists in wasp control!

In the Bedfordshire area, Aktiv Pest Control are the local experts for

  • Wasp removal
  • Wasp nest removal
  • Wasp extermination
  • Wasp control

Large and boldly coloured wasp mimic in the family Syrphidae, at rest on grass

If you are in Bedfordshire, or anywhere within the 20-mile surrounding regions, our pest control experts can help you with all your wasp control issues. With fully certified & qualified pest control technicians, we will ensure that wasp pest control is done to the highest standards. As a reputed pest control service provider, we will deal with your every problem!

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Wasps usually settle into small spaces such as holes in the ground, garden sheds, or any little cracks or crevices around your home.

Wasps are attracted to sugars & proteins so they will be hunting for sweet food items such as fruits, drinks, alcohol, sweets, etc.

You will know that you have a wasp problem when you start seeing too may of them buzzing & flying around your home. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, most common areas to see them flying around is your garden, windows & doors.

You must play the spy game and follow the activities of wasps. Where they are flying to and where they are flying from is potentially the wasp nest. This information is crucial to share with a professional pest control expert to get to the root of the problem for complete wasp removal. Take notice, even if it is coming from your neighbour’s house, this will help in preventing a potentially larger infestation around your home.

The Cure for Wasp Control

It is a common misconception that if left alone, things will take care of themselves!

Regardless of whether that has been the case for you once, twice or even more times, it is best not to leave a wasp removal to chance. If the weather allows it, wasps will grow in numbers until the wasp nests die off by winter time. But many will survive the winter, this will cause further problems in the upcoming year.

Wasp nestWasp nest can grow as big as a beach ball within a few months. Wasp nest removal should be a treated as a priority and dealt with immediately.

In worst case scenarios, wasps chewing through plasterboard & wood can cause structural damage to your property. Ceilings and lofts can be the first point of damage which can than spread throughout.

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