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Custom Assistance for Commercial Premises

Food Hygiene Regulations state that your business must ensure that ‘adequate procedures to control pests are in place’.  The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that an employer must ensure that ‘any place of work under the employer’s control… is safe and without risks to health’ Regular monitoring of your premises will demonstrate that you have shown due diligence and have met your minimum legal requirements.

Pests can infect any business at any time.They can enter a building via doors and windows, from the sewer or drainage systems, through cracks and holes within the fabric of a building, via packaging, on the clothes of your employees or visitors and even in their luggage.

The most valued asset that any successful business can have is a good reputation.

A pest infestation could damage your business reputation, lead to fines and/or up to 2 years imprisonment if found to be neglectful in their duty of care.

Your business could even be closed down. 

That’s the last thing any business would want.

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Pest Management Tailored to your Business

Aktiv Pest Control​ can help your business vastly reduce the risk of a pest infestation by a process called Integrated Pest Management. This is a combined approach to solving pest problems starting with a survey.

A survey is the most important part of your pest control package. It provides an opportunity to collect evidence of any pest activity.

The survey will supply us with information regarding the location and extent of the infestation, possible breeding sites, and at which stage of the life cycle the infestation is at.

Once this has been ascertained, the treatment process can begin.

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Pest Treatment for Your Business & Commercial Premises

Control of any pest requires both the pest control officer and the business to work closely together for it to be successful.

Good hygiene and housekeeping, stock rotation, staff education, proofing, pest habitat management, and finally chemical control are all factors which need to be considered when controlling pests in any environment.

The treatment required will vary depending upon your individual business needs and the pest concerned, ranging from trapping to chemical control. Proofing a building against infestation is the best way to control numbers and will even stop an infestation before it starts.

Regular monitoring is the key to pest control management. It demonstrates that you have shown due diligence and a duty of care to your employees & customers.